An independent poll was conducted over the fourth of July weekend and the results recently released exclusively to KOB.

Over 400 registered voters were asked questions regarding the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project and 56% opposed the project, with another 15% undecided. The article goes on to say that 78% of respondents thought that the project should be put to a popular vote.

In fact, the title of the article released on the KOB 4 website is Poll: People want Albuquerque Rapid Transit project to go to vote. Click to read the article on the KOB 4 website.

For the quick results, here’s the list:

  • 56% Oppose the Project
  • 28% Support the Project
  • 15% are Undecided
  • 78% want the project to go to popular vote
  • 70% said they won’t use ART
  • 22% said they will use ART


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